Saturday, July 3, 2010

Get Witchified - Episode 29

In this episode we explore the first in the series Saints & Angels.

St. Expedite is covered. He is the Saint to petition for urgent causes. More information about St. E. can be found at:

Archangel Gabriel is the patron angel of communicators, postal workers and women trying to conceive. Gabriel is also associated with birth/fertility and death. Found out more at:

Also, in this episode, I review the film "The Fourth Kind". I give a heads-up about spoilers so if you don't want to hear the spoilers listen for that.

Next episode we will learn a bit about The Holy Death a.k.a. Santa Muerte and talk a bit about the different levels of angels.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Get Witchified - Episode 28

That's Right Witches...I'm Back!

This is a re-entry into podcasting for Get Witchified. A short but sweet 'cast where I catch-up on what has been going on with me and what new things to look forward to in upcoming shows.

New ongoing segments being introduced:
Saints & Angels
Paranormal Moment (or minute...haven't yet decided)
Magickal Herblore (and other curios)

Watch for the next episode in 2 weeks with the first installments of the new segments.

Thanks for tuning in!